Who Can We Help?

Whether this is your first time working with a certified personal trainer or you’re at a moderate-to-advanced fitness level, Fountain Fitness and Health can provide you with professional, customized workouts to help you achieve your goals.


We help healthy adults of all ages who want to feel, function, and look better, including those with stable chronic health conditions or with little experience doing fitness programs. Our friendly, knowledgeable approach will help you feel confident as you start a new chapter in your life.

If you want to stop feeling achey, tired, or out-of-sorts from:

  • inactivity or sitting at a desk all day
  • postural issues such as rounded shoulders, a sore neck, back, hips and/or knees
  • being overweight and not losing the way you want to
  • declining cardio-vascular endurance, muscle endurance, strength or flexibility, or
  • having less agility, power, speed, coordination, and balance or slower reaction time doing everyday activities,

then Fountain Fitness and Health can help.

Our approach involves setting realistic goals with you by considering your past and present health and fitness histories, and developing a program you’ll want to do and enjoy. We can confidentially work with your family physician, nurse practitioner, physical therapist or other health professionals too, if you wish, because our certified personal trainer is also a registered nurse.

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